Our new Future Visualization

By olallas -
04 September 2018

EmpathyInsights success derives from a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and requirements. As part of our drive to make eCommerce search data more easily visible and actionable, our latest visualization has been designed to detect trends within our main search performance indicators. And moreover, to be able to use these to predict future behaviour.

In the above example, our Future visualization shows the number of queries executed during a specific period of time, with the second part of the graph offering the predicted rage for the next period. It should be noted that, while we’ve used the volume of queries in this example, any other search KPI’s that we analyse could equally be applied here, in line with the particular business needs or intentions.

Data alone shouldn’t drive the decision-making processes. It needs to be put into context. By also taking into account the scale c we can use this to calculate, or even predict, the inflection points. This visualization has therefore been designed for both; to detect and to predict trends on both products and user behaviour. Brands can then use this knowledge and understanding to identify opportunities and to ultimately enhance the customer experience.

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